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tiat 4

Images from event 4
resonant frequency joe baker
spider trap sri
overruled cody
dawn ritwik
lumi vignesh rajmohan
candle !holder leia chang
memory, love, and the handmade alexa ann bonomo
bespoke evan dorsky
sound werkshop chris guichet

tiat 3

Images from event 3
body language ash herr
simulated validation henry tran
bitcube justine sun dela cruz
musai jake mclain
letters from a stranger mylene tu
light + code experiments dan gorelick
light it up marisa lu

tiat 2

Images from event 2
dataviz ara
huddler jordan
break eric lum
impulse daniel
wide views gray crawford
acrylic celeste
projects mitch chaiet

tiat 1

Images from event 1
coffee sada ali
dating gpt henry tran
streamwork jared hsu
dial gpt george
mit: regressions luke igel
anti aging software ash herr
latent expressionism nicholas bardy